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Classic 12 Sailing/Rowing Skiff
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Popular, Ultra-Light Boat, Styled After the New York Whitehall.

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Classic 12™
Roger Noble's Classic 12 rowing in the surf
Plans: $95
Partial Kit: $130
LOA: 12'   Shape: round bottom w/ low leadrise
Weight: 30 lbs.   Keel: NY Whitehall style w/ skeg stern
Beam: 48½"   Capacity: 600 lbs.
4" LW Beam: 41½"   Building time: 150 hrs est.
Stem Height: 19¾"      
Amidship: 13½"      

This is a very popular model, large enough to be very seaworthy but still Ultra light weight. It is styled after the New York Whitehalls with a skeg.

The lines are similar to the very successful Whitehall Jr.™, except the beam has broadened in consideration of adding a sailing rig.
The transom is sturdy enough to take a small outboard for those who would rather go fishing.

She is a strong and capable vessel and easily carries three 200 lb. people. Fun to sail, the short rig drives her easily. The boat is suprisingly stiff even in heavy air. I believe the high (6 to 1) ballast ratio is what holds her down.

The large skeg keeps her tracking straight; so therefore she is slow in stays and must be sailed through a tack.

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