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Cricket 12 Sailing Dinghy
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Traditional Styled, Decked Sailing Dinghy.

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Cricket 12™
Cricket 12
Plans: $110
Partial Kit: $195
LOA: 12'   Shape: modified round bottom
Weight: 67-75 lbs. (hull)   Keel: 3" rocker
Beam: 4' 10"   Sail Area: 70 sq. ft.
LWL: 11½"   Capacity: 700 lbs.
Amidship: 18½"   Building time: 250 hrs est.
Draft: 6" board up 37" down      

I envisioned this boat to be a gentlemen's day sailer...a comfortable boat with sprightly performance. This is a displacement hull with clean waterlines. It has enough sail area to ghost along in light air; yet when a hard puff hits it is not overpowered. You simply hike out a little and enjoy the ride.

Because this boat is built with heavier scantlings, the Kevlar has been deleted. The backbone is configured to offer a lapstrake plywood option at a later date.

The "vee" plywood bottom section contributes to the stiffness of the hull and provides a good measure of abrasion resistance. A Dacron skin is applied in two pieces from gunwale to gunwale, joined under the outer keel rub guard. It is stuck to the plywood with tough Zip-guard varnish filled with epoxy for rough beach landings.

In keeping with the slightly heavier scantlings, the Dacron skin can be beefed up with a number of options: A double Dacron skin, an added layer of 18 oz. double Vinyl Polyester laminate, or a painted on rubberized elastomeric plastic that is thick and tough.

The multiple chines contribute to a good looking lapstrake appearing hull. The Dacron deck is light weight and provides a large volume of dry storage. It is framed with supports that go to the bottom, tying the whole structure together with incredible stiffness.

A carbon fiber wind surfer mast is fitted with a PVC section luff groove. Eye straps are secured with Kevlar to attach the standing rigging.
This hull would be a good choice to add an electric trolling motor and do some interesting river exploring. The light weight bare hull is a real cinch to load on a small Dinghy trailer.

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