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Ebenezer 11 Rowing Skiff
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Enlarged Version Whitehall Jr. With Plywood Bottom

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Ebenezer 11 ™
Platt rows his Ebenezer 11
Plans: $80
Partial Kit: $135
LOA: 11'   Shape: modified round whitehall
Weight: 28 lbs.   Keel: NY Whitehall style w/ skeg stern
Beam: 40"   Capacity: 350 lbs.
Stem Height: 16¾"   Building time: 80-100 hrs est.
Amidship: 11¾"      

This is a modification of an early design in the Geodesic AiroLITE fleet.. It consists of enlarging the WHITEHALL JR by 10% and including a plywood bottom. This offers a tough choice: robust/ versus a considerable labor increase. The resulting Dacron covering on the Ply is similar to a glass coating.

The classic pulling boat lines with a saucy sheer are a treat to study. It is a very seaworthy hull, easily driven; even in choppy sea conditions and remains dry. Enlarging the boat increases the capacity quite a bit. It is very comfortable with two adults and you could add a dog.

BA framework was added on both sides amidships to provide rails to carry an adjustable seat position. Rowing with two changes the trim considerably from the solo position. This could be changed to foam blocks to provide flotation.

The design was inspired by watching a 5 Yr. old Ebenezer Wilson row a 16’ whitehall. He was so salty and handled that boat like a down east fisherman. Little did I know that he would grow up to be a teenage lobsterman and take up the trade of boat building.


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