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SnowShoe Explorer 14 Canoe
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A Sturdy Cruising Canoe, Ideal For A Trip

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SnowShoe Explorer 14™
SnowShoe Explorer 14
Plans: $65
Partial Kit: $120
LOA: 14'   Shape: shallow vee
Weight: 30 lbs.   Keel: 1" rocker
Beam: 36"   Capacity: 450 lbs.
4" WL Beam: 33"   Building time: 70 hrs est.
Stem Height: 21"      
Amidship: 14"      

Here is a very seaworthy canoe that will carry a load in rough conditions. This has lines that follow the same high performance hull form as the very popular SnowShoe 14™. You can expect excellent tracking and speed at the expense of stability. I would suggest that this be used by people with a certain amount of canoe experience, in order to prevent any unpleasant surprises.

One of the main differences in this hull is the use of the truss gunwale structure. This adds a little weight and a bit more work; however the hull becomes much sturdier. Optional: the center thwart can be installed with wing nuts to allow the use of a sliding seat rowing rig.

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