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Whitehall Jr. Rowing Skiff
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Handsome Ultra Light Rowing Skiff With Classic Lines

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Whitehall Jr.™
Whitehall Jr.
Plans: $75
Partial Kit: $105
LOA: 10'   Shape: round bottom w/ low leadrise
Weight: 20 lbs.   Keel: NY Whitehall style w/ skeg stern
Beam: 36"   Capacity: 300 lbs.
4" LW Beam: 32½"   Building time: 80-100 hrs est.
Stem Height: 16"      
Amidship: 10"      

This is a dainty little boat that is relatively easy to build because it has been kept simple. The classic pulling boat lines are a delight to look at. It has proven to be a very seaworthy hull that is easily driven. It is like rowing a feather. 7 1/2' oars seem too long; however when you row you wish they were longer because you can't feel any load. In order to keep the center of gravity low, it is shown with a cusion right on the bottom; however thwarts can be added if desired, but keep them low.

Because of its diminutive size, it must be treated with some respect; however it will handle two medium sized adults. At 20 lbs it is my favorite boat to carry on the car. It is so easy to just throw in the water and go exploring.

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